Save the Animals from Being Extinct

Animals are hunted for food, meat, fur, feathers, horns, tusks, medicines and sports. Read on

Innumerable species of flora and fauna are on the verge of extinction due to human activities. The pressure of ever increasing human population has devastating effects on the resources which in turn affects the animal population. Animals are being killed and hunted for food, meat, fur, feathers, horns, skins, medicines and sports. The World Wide Fund for nature suggests that one third of natural world has been destroyed by humans in these past 25 years.

Increasing human consumption of the natural resources is one of the major causes behind the destruction and degradation of the environment. Various animal species including the gorilla, tiger, elephant, giant pandas, snow leopards, cranes, bears, turtles, whales, etc require our immediate attention. Man is actually encroaching on their habitats and throwing them out of it, which is the only cause of all these problems.

Nature needs to be conserved and looked after to avoid degradation. If we can maintain a balance between human consumerism and wild life then there is nothing like it. What surprises me is the fact that we, human beings aren't aware of or just don't readily accept the simple fact that our health and survival depends upon the survival of wild life. Hopefully everyone knows that out of all planets, earth is the only one which happens to be a living planet and we should save it, as there is no other place to go.

Innumerable species of animals and plants are already extinct. They are simply wiped out from the earth long time ago. We surely see them listed in various books and encyclopedias. Sooner or later, our grand children and their grand children will find all these animals I mentioned above in such list. They may never be able to see these animals except in may be Discovery channel telecast or NGC documentary on extinct animals.

Dinosaurs got extinct because they couldn't adapt to the changes happening in the environment. Also natural disasters were some where responsible for their elimination. But apart from them, rest of the other animals got extinct because of us. We are to be blamed for it. These animals got vanished due to several man related factors like hunting, killing, pollution and encroachment on their habitats.

Few animals that are already extinct include passenger pigeons, thermoa, dodo, sea- cows etc. Man did hunt them for pleasure and necessity. I heard there was a time when Tasmania was famous for its Tasmanian wolves. These wolves looked liked dogs, but had a paunch like a kangaroo, various tiger like stripes and looked unique. Then in the 16th century, birds called dodo lived on an island of Mauritius in big numbers. These birds had short wings and short feet. Sadly we may never get to have a sight of these animals and birds as they are already extinct and we can't do anything about it. But what presently we have in our hands is to protect the ones which are still present and may survive if we help them to. "Live and let live"


Author: Chitra Rana24 Apr 2012 Member Level: Silver   Points : 2

A nice article on nice topic.Being aware of the fact wild life is necessary for human life human is still over exploiting wild life and natural resources.
This will result hazardous.
Effects are no more hidden from human. Climate change is something we all have felt and noticed clearly.We are on alarming stage.It will be too late if still we didn't took any step for protecting our wild life and forests(Their habitat).

Governmental steps are not just enough.Please avoid product made of Wood, Leather.
Please be sensitive for this issue because it is about our existence.

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