How to Choose a Refrigerator in India

Are you looking to buy a refrigerator for your kitchen? Read this guide to know how to choose a refrigerator in India.

Refrigerator has been a part of our kitchens for almost a century or even more. They have kept our perishables cool for more than 100 years. It succeeded the icebox, which had been a typical kitchen apparatus for right around a century and a half. The first ever food preservation device which came into existence for food involved the Ice. Refrigerators for residential use were invented in 1913. Use of refrigerator on daily basis ended the era of Frozen foods as a luxury item. Most households use the freezer-on-top-and-refrigerator on-base style, which has been the fundamental style subsequent to the 1940s.

How to Choose a Refrigerator in India

Choosing a refrigerator in Indiacan be tricky; because most of the people don't have any goal while buying a fridge. Majority of the consumers who buy refrigerator always take decisions depending on their pocket. This was one of the reasons for me to create this guide so that I can help you with your buying decision. I am going to share some question that you should always keep in mind while purchasing a refrigerator.

  • How much space is available at your home?

  • How often would you use the refrigerator on daily basis?

  • How often would you use the freezer on daily basis?

  • How many people would the refrigerator serve in your family?

  • How much would you be spending on a refrigerator purchase?

  • Are there any add-on features that you require/like to have in your refrigerator?

Space Availability at Home

Space Availability at Home

This should be the foremost concern that must come into your mind before purchasing a refrigerator. In today's society, the No. 1 reason a fridge is returned after a buy is on the grounds that it doesn't fit in a particular place for the commodity. Regardless of your space limitations, there's always a refrigerator to fit your needs. Take note of any confining obstructions, similar to sidewalls or a kitchen counter, as you may require a model that has reversible doors. A fridge that will be ideal for this situation is a side-to-side door refrigerator, since its smaller hatches require less swing space.
Remember that the greater part of the most of the fridges are around six inches larger than a common kitchen cabinet, therefore if you are have sleek line of kitchen appliances set-up, than work on a "counter-depth" unit.

Size of Your Family Matters

Choosing a size ought to be generally simple. But use this little trick of mine when you are confused about how to choose a refrigerator in India for your house. Please bear in mind that this tips contains some measurement techniques, so bear with me.

How to Choose a Refrigerator for Indian Kitchen

Counting your family members and measuring your perishable goods needs are key point in this procedure. Storing perishable goods for a family of 2, a ten cubic feet is the standard. Need for an additional storage assessed at 1 cubic foot per family member, yet in the event that you get a kick out of the chance to amuse or store food for some additional days in the upper compartment of the freezer, then just simply set the rule aside. Remember that the bigger the size, the more burden on your pocket (Electricity Bill), so purchasing a lavish looking fridge than the one you need may not be a favourable decision; especially in the long run.

While many manufacturers provide brochures about size and capacity measurement to guide you, giving a little work and measuring different food containers will definitely assist you in your decision for a suitable kitchen fridge needs. Don't be fooled by the appearance. Open the fridge, take out the containers and then check whether the size is ok or not for your daily needs.

Ensure that you have enough containers and trays for putting away your different kind of perishable goods like vegetables, fruits, eggs and other eatables with the goal that you don't have to stuff all these goods on top of each others. Your freezer and refrigerator need enough room ice trays, ice cream or veggies and fruits respectively.

Mileage important than the Buying Cost

Mileage important than the Buying Cost

In spite of this long-running joke, most of us know that fridges need to run on constant basis to work properly. However, a few fridges utilize very less electricity than others, and purchasing a refrigerator while having the energy efficiency in mind could be a fruitful move, when we think of our bill on average, around 30 percent of our Electric bill is the expense of running the refrigerator. Models that meet the Energy Star norms are authenticated and certified. Checkout the specification of the product and look into every model side by side and choose an extremely efficient refrigerator for your home.

Add-ons and Extras

If you use refrigerator on daily basis and always think that it lacks something, then you should probably go for some high end model which comes with those goodies to impress you. You can create a list of features that are total need for your home needs. After you have picked what you should have and what you can skip, picking additional items will appear to be more of a soothing experience than an annoyance.

That's it people; before I finish my article here are some Quick tips and WARNINGS to look out for while making the purchase.

Tips and Warnings

  • To work your Fridge in a most effective manner, it must be filled roughly 2/3 of the entire container. Consider this while picking your targeted model.

  • A refrigerator following the Energy Star Standards can help you achieve 20 percent or more efficiency than the models which don't follow the norms

  • Side to Side doors fridges consume more electricity than some other models.

  • In a situation where you pick a top or base mounted fridge, you should plan it in advance for in which way you need the door to open. The pivots can be mounted on either side, depending upon what is most advantageous for you when working in the kitchen.

  • Always lookout for the installation charges while making the purchase of refrigerator. Are there any hidden charges that company is not telling you? In most of the cases retailer take extra money from you if you purchase in a store. Ask before you purchase.

  • We hope we've cleared many of yours doubts on how to choose a refrigerator in India through this article.


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The most important thing is the price

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