How to Choose a Microwave Oven in India

Are you thinking of buying a new Microwave Oven for your kitchen? Here are the expert tips on how to choose a Microwave Oven in India.

The kitchen is the place where an Indian woman spends a huge portion of her life, therefore, it is required that this place should be furnished with all kind of facilities. The microwave is one of the best kitchen appliances to grill, reheat or even bake. Now it is not only the reheating device. The microwave is now suited to all your needs. It is helpful in making a wide range of recipes such as chicken grills, muffins, pizza, popcorn and even re – heat the frozen foods. It cooks in minutes and saves a lot of time and energy. The new generation microwave combines speed with technology and versatility to make one of the smart kitchen appliances that take a lot of the chores out of the kitchen

Microwave for Indian Kitchen

There are several factors which are required to be considered before selecting the microwave for an Indian Kitchen. It mainly depends on the family size and food habits. Some factors are given here which one should consider before purchasing the microwave.

Features to Consider

While purchasing or buying the microwave for the Indian kitchen, one should keep the below – mentioned features in mind.

  • Child safety Lock
    If you have a child at home then it is essential to have the child safety lock in the microwave. This kind of lock prevents and avoids the children from accidently operating or misusing the microwave.

  • Power Rating:
  • Another important feature that should consider while buying the microwave for an Indian kitchen is the power rating. Microwaves generally have the power rating between 600 to 1500 Watts. More power means less time. If you wish to cook a large quality of food in the microwave then it is essential to buy the microwave of large power.

  • Control Panel:
    It is the program panel which enables you to control the functions of the microwave. There is various control panels but opt for the one with a dial that can be operated precisely and smoothly to the required temperature or timing. The advantage of the control panel is that you can alter the settings without interrupting the cooking procedure.

  • Automatic Sensors:
    It is considered as the humidity sensors which determine if the food inside it is cooked. This is done by measuring the steam in the microwave. If the food is done then it shuts off automatically. This is one of the best features which microwave should have. As there are lots of work in the kitchen so if the microwave can help you a little bit by preventing overcooking then it is a big deal for the Indian women.

  • Bi – Level Cooking
    One should purchase the microwave which provides the feature of Bi – level cooking. Generally, the microwaves come with two racks which enable two items to be cooked at the same time. This definitely saves the time which you can spend with your family and friends.

  • Auto Defrost:
    All the microwaves can defrost food but it is the best to select the microwave which can do the same automatically. All you need to select food type and weight. The microwave will automatically select the time and power level to best defrost the food.

  • Multi – stage cooking
    Another best feature that microwaves should have is the multi – stage cooking which allows cooking at different power settings and stages of the cooking cycle. Therefore, instead of interrupting the process and change the power level, one can simply program the microwave at the beginning of the cooking process to change it after specified time intervals.

  • Steam Cooking:
    This is the new feature which is added in the microwaves. In this feature, one has to fill the reservoir with water. As it evaporates, the steam generated heat and cooks the food and also adds moisture to it.

Types of Microwaves

Before purchasing the microwave, one should know the type of it which needs at the home. Basically, there are three types of microwaves that you could go for. The choice largely depends on the usage. All the three kinds are listed here:

Solo Microwave,Grill Microwave,Convection Microwave

  • Solo Microwave:
    These microwaves have simple operations and come at a cheaper rate than the other two variants. This type of microwave is best suited for reheat and simple cooking. Also, these microwaves are usually small (about 19 – 23 liters). If one is looking for the microwave for only reheating then he can opt for the one which has the feature of multi – stage cooking and automatic sensors. However, solo microwaves cannot be used for bake and grill.

  • Grill Microwave:
    The second one is grill microwave which is best suited for reheating, grill, tasting, and broiling. These kinds are a little bit costlier than the previous one but cheaper than the next one. The size of these varies from 18 – 28 liters.

  • Convection Microwave:
    It is the best among all which provides the functions such as reheating the food, grilling and also for baking purpose. This is the best suited for those who wishes to try their hand in baking and grilling. This type of microwave combines the convection heat cycle with the microwave energy for the rapid and easy baking and cut the baking time into half. Convection microwaves are the most versatile ones and best suited for all.

Capacity of Microwave

The capacity of the microwave is measured in the liters. One should purchase the microwave as per the family size and the eating habits. The capacity of the microwave indicates that how much food you can cook in one go. Below we are listing the table to calculate the capacity. The type of microwave can be chosen as per the members of the family.

Capacity of Microwave


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