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I would like to share my personal story of pain and subsequent relief when I was pregnant. I faced too many pregnancy problems and got relieved from it through Prenatal massage and Postnatal massage . It was the third trimester and summertime. The pregnancy was a healthy one but was occasionally marred by the usual discomforts that are so common to all the pregnant women: edema, heartburn, sleeplessness, stress, and pain, among others. I was with my parents during the final trimester when I had to experienc

The growing uterus put pressure on my pelvis, slowing down the return of blood from my legs. This pooled the fluid in my lower legs and as a result, I was left with swollen feet and legs during pregnancy. My feet and leg joints turned painful and the pain was particularly bad during the evenings and nights.
I was adequately warned of the pain by my mother and the doctor. The scan showed a baby of normal size; however, I had mild swelling of the hands and my face was slightly puffed up. The doctor ruled out preeclampsia and advised that I could do well with an oil massage on a daily basis.
It was during this time, my father's aunt who stayed with us spoke to me about Murivenna and how it helps to soothe the pain and overcome swollen feet and legs during pregnancy. Her advice in matters relating to pregnancy problems and childbirth was filled with the wisdom of one with years of experience. She helped me with a stool and asked me to put up my feet whenever she was near. She also chided me when I crossed my legs or ankles while I was sitting.

Armed my laptop, and nothing else much to do, I turned to Google for help. I was looking out as to how to get relief from pregnancy problems and I could lay my hands on some Murivenna. Traditionally, this ayurvedic mixture of oils was used to heal wounds and ulcers in addition to reducing the pain and inflammation occurring at the joints and bones of the body. My long-drawn search brought me to Soothika Essential Oil. It was a combination of Murivenna and Dhanwantharam oil. Dhanwantharam oil is an Ayurvedic formulation used primarily to relieve pain and rejuvenation of the nervous system.

The prenatal massage in pregnancy, I was told, had many benefits, both physical and mental. It helps to relax and strengthen the muscles and relieve the aches and pains. Prenatal massage would also improve the elasticity of the skin and further suppress the appearance of stretch marks after delivery which was a common problem that women across the globe suffered from. I had seen some horrific pictures of women with stretch marks post delivery of their babies and I definitely did not want them.

The prenatal massage was done gently with 25 ml each of Murivenna and Dhanwantharam oils. They were lightly heated and the trained therapist whose services I had opted for from their website proceeded to massage my whole body gently with a downward motion for about 15 minutes. She massaged all the leg and hand joints with a circular motion and was careful not to apply any kind of pressure on my spine. She chose to use coconut oil for prenatal massage to massage my head and almond oil for every part of my face. This oil massage was always followed by a hot water bath.

The whole body massage left me completely relieved and I slept well. This continued till I went in for the delivery. The delivery was normal. But my body felt ravaged and torn amidst all the strange happiness that I felt as a mother. I was not fully able to enjoy the presence of the baby as I frequently felt tired and fatigued.
The postpartum swelling, in my case, disappeared gradually not without causing pain and discomfort. The swelling took about 10 days to disappear completely. The pain remained for a few days more. The Soothika Essential Oil therapist, however, continued to offer after delivery care services.
The postnatal massage includes special massage strokes for the abdomen, hips, buttocks, legs, feet, and hands soothed the frayed nerves. The therapist also heated the poultice and specially applied the heated oil to the lower back knee, leg, and hand joints.

This was generally followed by a hot water bath with some special salts added to the water. The therapist also resorted to binding my stomach with a cloth in a special manner, after the body massage, to bring back the elasticity and prevent stretch marks from occurring. The oil massage also helped to nourish my body as I was breastfeeding my baby. Postnatal massage in the whole body delivered the goodness of both the oils to all parts of my body.
Well, I had my share of postpartum depression that disappeared after the first week, thanks to the prenatal and postnatal essential oil massage that was being done on a daily basis. It helped me to recover both physically and mentally and become fit enough to enjoy my little baby to the fullest. I had peace of mind and felt a sense of balance without the chaos.

I felt stronger and happier than I had ever felt in my whole life after the first 42 days following my son's birth. These days are deemed to be the most important when a woman needs to recover from the extraordinary strain and stress that she has to go through. It is rightly said that the amount of positive influence and care for the body that is received in this period well determines the future physical and mental health of the mother for a long time to come. My hair-fall reduced and I experienced less stress as the days wore on. My life returned to normalcy soon enough, only happier. It is truly said that a happy baby is one with a happy mother. I am ever thankful to Soothika for letting the goodness of Ayurveda enter my life in the most unobtrusive manner.


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It is true that massage is a great rejuvenator when applied to different body parts. It makes the local muscles and tissues active and removes the unwanted material from the skin surface.

Only thing is it should be done in a proper manner by the person who knows about it thoroughly. An untrained worker can do harm to the person and we should be cautious and careful in selecting the place or spa for the same. During pregnancy it becomes more important and critical as any wrong move can affect the right course of pregnancy.

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