Tips That Will Make You Win a Pyramid Solitaire Game

Let's discuss the tips that can help you win a Pyramid Solitaire Game. Know how you can come out top in a Pyramid Solitaire game by following some simple tips. See how these tips will help you and if using these tips is allowed by the game rules.

If you're a loner and love playing classic Solitaire then you must have tried the Pyramid game for once at least. It is also known as King Tut or Tut's Tomb. The goal is to eliminate the cards from both the tableau and stock by creating pairs whose sum of points is 13. Though that sounds easy, it can make you run your mind horses super-fast.

This free Solitaire version is quite famous and is played very differently from the common Klondike type. So, you might have had a tough time winning in it or you even failed in the first attempt. But, no time to worry. Below, we will give you some expert tips to ace the Pyramid Solitaire game.

Tip #1. Know Your Chance Wining

You can play Solitaire with all the attentiveness and dedication but still may not win sometimes. Keep in mind that not all games are winnable. Some Pyramid layouts are just unsolvable because of the specific placement of cards. Some tricks can help you identify this. One example is, if 7 is in on the top row and it is buried under 6's, then you can never win the game. In that case, playing Solitaire online is the most comfortable option since you won't need to create the tableau again by yourself

Tip #2. Learn to Understand Which Card Is Better to Play

Strategic thinking is what matters. You can win a Pyramid Solitaire game by moving the right card and understanding which card shouldn't be moved. For instance, you should not play the fourth card of any rank from the deck if a pyramid has three cards of the same rank. Try to use those from the tableau, otherwise, they will make the next moves harder.

Tip #3. Eliminate Kings at the Earliest

The general winning strategy is to eliminate the Kings as soon as you get a chance. There are no good reasons to keep these cards because they don't make any other matches. So, they are useless in this version of the card game.

Tip #4. Play from the Stock First

Your very first move would be opening the first card from the stock. This will allow you to think about new strategies even if you don't use that card soon. With more opportunities, you have more chances of success!

Tip #5. Think a Lot When Making a Match

If you are playing various times through the deck, try not to make a match between your stockpile and waste pile until you reach the last move. Don't worry, you will have another chance because the cards will be in the Still, they can be useful for creating matches with those from the layout!

Tip #6. Maintain a Balance

Try to maintain a balance while removing the pyramid by playing with both of them. This will prevent having a difficult endgame. For example, if the final tableau has a five-deep single line of cards, it will force you to flip five exact cards to win.

Ending Notes

Winning a Pyramid game is not a tough job if you know the right tricks. These suggestions will help you for sure! So, make most of these tips and be a winner each time you play this variation of Solitaire card games.


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