Top 5 Solar Water Heater Dealers in Kerala

The demand for solar water heaters is raising. Solar water heaters are the most effective way to generate hot water thereby saving the energy cost and it's an eco-friendly product. So if you are searching for the best solar water heater dealers in Kerala, this blog will help you ...

Solar water heaters are getting increasingly popular among Indians because of its advantages as a reliable and cost-effective solution against the increasing electricity bill, carbon dioxide emission from electric water heaters etc. However, finding the top solar water heater dealers in Kerala or Karnataka or Tamil Nadu, whichever state it is, needs a comprehensive analysis and discussion to figure out the best one.

India has been witnessing a huge increase in the use of solar water heaters in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Government support, subsidies, and marketing assistance are the main reasons behind the emergence of these renewable water-heating solutions. Of course, it is a quite affordable option compared to electric water heaters. Many big brands are now manufacturing solar water heaters in India and some of them are even available through online e-commerce platforms. If you are looking to buy a solar water heating solution in Kerala, then this post will help you out in understanding the technology and finding the best solar water heater dealers in Kerala.

Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is a water heating solution that utilizes solar energy received from sunlight to heat water. It can be installed in open space or on a terrace where it can receive sunlight to heat water and store it in an insulated tank. Since the system doesn't need electricity supply, it does not have an on-off switch. Heated water from the storage tank can then be used for any purpose as desired.

Solar Water Heater Types and Benefits

In the Indian market, two types of solar water heaters are mainly available: FPC systems and ETC Systems. Both these variants are preferred by Indian consumers for their water heating needs.

FPC system:

Flat Plate Collector (FPC) Systems are metallic systems that contain an insulated metallic box covered with a toughened glass. The layer of copper sheet further coated with a black coating, inside the metallic box is ideal for heat absorption. The metallic box also contains vertically arranged copper tubes connected to the top and bottom with two horizontal copper pipes called headers. Coldwater that enters the metallic box from the bottom pipe rises up into the vertical pipes and gets heated up there. Heated water becomes lighter and then rises up and finally gets collected in the storage tank through the header. This water can be later used for any purpose.

ETC systems:

Evacuated Tube Collectors or ETC systems are made of glass and it contains vertical tubes built using two co-axial glass tubes. The air within the two coaxial tubes is evacuated to create a void which enhances insulation. The coating on the surface of the inner tube provides better insulation and heat absorption. Coldwater enters into these glass tubes gets heated up with sunlight and it rises up and then gets collected in the storage tank for use.

Though ETC systems are fragile but cheaper, they are useful in colder regions where the temperature is sub-zero. In salty-water regions, these systems require regular cleaning to remove the salt deposit from the inner surface of glass tubes.

FPC systems which are metallic-made, long-lasting and expensive compared to ETC solutions. The system needs an antifreeze solution to work in colder regions with sub-zero temperature. To avoid salt deposition that affects the heating ability of the system, a heat exchanger is used with the FPC system in salty water regions.

Solar Water Heater Dealers in Kerala

Choosing the most beneficial solar water model from a wide range of options is a pretty difficult task. We have listed here the most reliable solar water heaters dealers to help you pick only the most suitable system.

Hykon India

Hykon is one of the top solar water heater dealers in Kerala, which provides advanced solar water heating solutions across the country. The first-grade solar water heaters manufactured by Hykon India feature stainless steel, anti-corrosive construction, high-temperature resistant and corrosion protective Galvalume (PPGL/PPGI) painted outer tank etc. Known for its energy-efficient construction, long durability, and advanced technology features, Hykon solar water heaters are user-friendly and intuitive as well. The premium specifications of Hykon solar heater make it a great choice for the Indian market

Solar Master

Solar Master is one of the popular solar water heater suppliers in Kerala with a large number of installations in both the residential and commercial sector. The team provides subsidized and non-subsidized solar water heaters of the best quality at the lowest prices. Solar Master deals in all the prominent brands of water heaters in Kerala.

Kairos Solar Thermal Solutions

Known as one of the best solar water heater dealers in Kerala, Kairos Solar Thermal Solutions provides technology advanced solar energy products that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. Specialized in solar equipment installation, Kairos team is a prominent dealer of solar water heaters from renowned manufacturers across the globe. Be it domestic or commercial purpose, you can buy solar water heaters of best quality from Kairos. What makes them notable is their trustworthy dealings, transparent operations and praiseworthy services.

Bharat Solar Energy

Providing quality solar water heaters across the state of Kerala, Bharat Solar Energy company deals in various types of solar equipment such as solar panel, solar batteries, solar fans etc. The team offers premium quality solar water heaters at a very affordable price in various parts of the state.

Global Power Solutions

Global Power Solutions is one of the top dealers of solar energy products in India. The brand Zolaria from Global Power Solutions covers solar water heating systems (ETC & FPC), power generation systems, solar photovoltaic lighting, and solar power plant for residential, institutional & commercial applications. For more than 20 years, Global Power Solution has been at the forefront of the solar energy equipment business. Delivering the most advanced solar water heaters that come with international-standard technology, they are acclaimed as one of the most preferred dealers in Kerala.

Hope you got a clear idea about solar water heating solutions and its benefits, in addition to the top dealers of solar water heaters in Kerala. Let it be your domestic or commercial purpose while choosing a solar water heater you should discuss the key factors such as the Brand, Size of the heaters, Geographic Location, Capacity, Type, Functionality, etc with your dealer to make sure that you are selecting the best one for your water heating requirements.

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