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Consumer rights of a flight passenger in India.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation under the Government of India is the sole authority for the aviation related issues in India. As a flight passenger, you have certain rights as consumer of the aviation service. In this article, I shall be discussing about the consumer rights of a flight passenger in India. Please read on.

Purity Difference Between 18K And 22K Gold Jewellery

Have you ever wondered about the significance of 18K and 22K gold jewellery. Here we are listing some of the purity difference between 18K and 22K gold jewellery. Read the following article to gather more information.

How to Take Care of Your Diamond Ornaments

Diamonds are always a craze factor for ladies. But there are certain factors to be kept in mind while using Diamond ornaments. Most of us are unaware about the general instructions for caring diamonds. Read this article for further tips.

Soothika Essential – Product Review Pregnancy Massage Oil

I would like to share my personal story of pain and subsequent relief when I was pregnant. I faced too many pregnancy problems and got relieved from it through Prenatal massage and Postnatal massage . It was the third trimester and summertime. The pregnancy was a healthy one but was occasionally marred by the usual discomforts that are so common to all the pregnant women: edema, heartburn, sleeplessness, stress, and pain, among others. I was with my parents during the final trimester when I had to experienc

Save the Animals from Being Extinct

Animals are hunted for food, meat, fur, feathers, horns, tusks, medicines and sports. Read on

Health Resorts and Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism being one of the successful acceptance among Foreign tourists, India is on the verge of promoting it in lot ways. Other than Multi-specialty hospitals, Health Resorts, and additional services being one of the major reasons for exploring better prospects in Medical Tourism. Kerala on the other hand, leads in this category. Following article includes few of the names of prominent health resorts and Ayurvedic resorts in India that are visited specifically for Medical Tourism by Medical Tourist.

Citronella Oil - An Important Essential Oil for Cosmetic & Perfume Industries

Citronella oil is aromatic natural oil obtained from citronella plants. It is an essential ingredient for many cosmetic and perfumes industries. Citronella oil is known to be very effective insect repellant product for household purposes. The demand and market of citronella oil has been increasing day by day all over the world because of the important properties that it possesses.

LG Recommended Split Air Conditioner: Review, Features, Price and Product Guide

The LG Air Conditioners rule the world of compact and best Air Conditioners over the coverage of India. Read to know about Reviews of best LG Air Conditioner, Price and availability of LG AC: LSA3ER5N Air Conditioner. The Comparison and experiences of using the benefits of LG Air Conditioners in India. The advantages and Review analysis of LG Air Conditioners over their best supplied and powerfully recommended LG AC in the current market.

Selling Vs Marketing

The word 'selling' and 'marketing' are often used as if they have the same meaning. However there are vast differences between the two activities. The basic difference is that selling is internally focused, while marketing is externally focused. The following distinctions between selling and marketing shows more clearly.

Personalized Birthday Gifts

A birthday is totally incomplete without a birthday gift. How hard one tries to celebrate a birthday of his/her loved ones, but finally, at the end of the day there has to a unique birthday gift to tell this person what place he/she has in one's life. And on the top of it, if this birthday gift has a personal touch to it, than nothing can speak more. Personalized birthday gifts speak out mind and thus convey messages to people how much they matter.

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