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    Why do Web Site Owners Share Revenue?

    You can find several websites in the internet offering a portion of their revenue to the members who contribute content in their websites. Many websites offer up to 50% of their revenue to the contributing members. ( offers 90% of the Google AdSense revenue to the contributing members).

    Why do websites share the revenue with members ?

    When you join revenue sharing programs, you will post content to the site to get revenue. This will improve the overall quality of the websites and will benefit the owner of the website in the long term. Even though the website owners like lose some of the revenue to the members, we will get more content in the site, which will in turn attract more visitors to our site. offers revenue share participating in the discussion forum, posting articles, posting some questions & answers to the Online Tests section etc. You can find more details about the revenue sharing sections in this site or read the Frequently Asked Questions about revenue sharing.
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    Dear Admin's Please Explain

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    Dear Syed, whatever the webmaster have given is highly explanatory. I dont understand what you mean by explain.

    You are adding products or writing reviews. By doing so you are adding value to the website. When you are doing so, you are putting in your effort. All efforts need to be rewarded and that is why website owners share their revenue. If you have more doubts, pls go to Revenue Sharing Section and the FAQ of this website to get more clear picture.


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    Hi Syed,

    What Anusma said is correct. You read it properly you will understand everything. The websites ISC and IRC are very good and want to reward the efforts of each and every member. They are not interested to keep the profits themselves, they want that every one should work hard and earn revenue. It is really a good thought.

    Subba Raju, MV

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