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    Google AdSense Revenue Sharing - Make money from this site offers an opportunity for members to earn revenue by taking advantage of the opportunities in the internet. has introduced 'Google AdSense Revenue Sharing' program to help members make money from internet through the popular search engine company called "Google". This program is approved by Google.

    What is Google AdSense ?

    Google AdSense is an Advertising program from Google. The links you see on top and on the lft bar of this page are advertising links. These links are provided by the popular search engine company called "Google". We get paid from Google when people click on those links and we share 90% of that money with the people who posted content in our site.

    Who can make money from Google AdSense?

    Anybody who has a 'web page' can register with Google and create an AdSense account. If you have registered in IndiaReviewChannel, you have a webpage (your own profile page) and you are eligible to apply for an AdSense account.

    What is AdSense revenue sharing program ?

    AdSense revenue sharing program allows people to generate revenue by writing articles or posting various other content in websites. You do not need to have your own website to do this. You can post your content to other revenue sharing websites including IndiaReviewChannel.

    AdSense APIs

    Google provides a set of webservices to access AdSense services in order to handle revenue sharing programs. These web services are called Google AdSense APIs. Only selected websites are allowed to call these webservices and participate in revenue sharing program.

    IndiaReviewChannel revenue sharing program is approved by Google to use Google AdSense APIs and share advertising revenue with members.

    You will get 90% of the revenue from the Google AdSense in the content pages you post. The 90% portion of the revenue will be sent to you directly by Google. You can have 100% assurance on this program since it is tracked directly by Google.

    You can posting product reviews in this site and start earning revenue. We will display Google AdSense Ads in your product review pages using your own Google AdSense account.

    While you get 90% of the total revenue from your product review pages, this program will work slightly different in the Resources section. Since multiple members are allowed to contribute in the same page (responses to original content of the page), we will manually review each submission and assign a revenue score. Your AdSense account id will be rotated among other members who contributed in the same page. The number of rotations you get depends on your revenue score for the specific content.

    So, get started ! Write product reviews, post articles, express your thoughts, share an interesting news or simply discuss the current affairs and make money.

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    nice informations from webmaster

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    Thanks for Giving an valuable information who did not know about adsense

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    Thanks for Giving an valuable information who did not know about adsense

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    Hi Kalyan,

    You can register in google adsense. It is a wonderful opportunity to earn money for sharing your thoughts or experiences of the products which you come across in your daily life and also for clearing the doubts and knowing about the products which you are interested to know. All the best to you.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, IRC

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