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    AdSense revenue sharing sections in IndiaReviewChannel shares the AdSense revenue in some selected sections of this site. We are starting with few sections, but we will soon expand to several other sections of this site.

    At present, we are offering revenue sharing in the following sections of this site:
    • Resources - You can post almost anything in this section (Articles, blogs, reviews, news, announcements, discussions or even your dreams about India !). Or, you can post responses to various discussion topics or articles in this section. Since multiple members are contributing to the same page in this section, the AdSense account of multiple members will be rotated in each page under this section, based on the Revenue Score.

    • Product Reviews - Post reviews on any product in Indian market.

    Please note that you will start earning money only after and Google approve your account.

    You can Learn more about AdSense revenue sharing program or join the revenue sharing program.
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    good information.

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    That's cool!

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    Hi Webmasters,

    Have you updated the information? Have you extended the adsense sharing for other sections too?

    RK - Some thing special

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    So is it means the answers we post in forums earns us no revenue?
    But then why the comes in every section of site is like this "You can make money by posting answers here !".

    Because there could be some sections where posting will earn you no revenue.


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    No Neeraj,
    You earn revenue even from the forum messages. But if your answer is good and if you have got real good points for that, you share adsense revenue in that too.


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