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    Hello IRC! I am new to the site

    hello india review channel,
    This is safvan p from kerala. I am spiderkerala member. I felt the platform of India review channel really interesting. Writing review in the site you can get yourself updated to the latest technology alongwith you can earn some pocket money. I think this the best place for my vacation.
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    Thats right Safvan, this Indiareviewchannel rocks!!!.This is indeed a cool site

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    thanks sunita for sharing your thoughts.
    I have posted an review in IRC. As this is my first post i would be pleased to have valuable suggestions from the elite members of the IRC. Link to my first submission is given here.
    samsung galaxy pop review

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hello Safvan,

    Welcome to India Review Channel. Yours is a very good post and your style of writing is also excellent. You can continue like this and post in different sections of the site.

    Go through all the sticky threads, try to understand what this site is all about and continue your good job. If you need any help you can contact me directly either through G talk or private message.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Latha mam,
    Thankyou for your nice words.I would take this as my start in this wonderful spidersite. I will try my level best to bring more good review posts and resources.

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hello All,

    I am also new to this site, and i am very excited as much as you all are.So do let me know your suggestions .I must say again this site really ROCKS!!


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    Hello Sunita

    Welcome to India Review Channel. This site as you say is definitely a rocking site. Now as you plan to start fresh, let me advice you to write reviews in the Reviews Section. You have submitted review in the Product category. However don't try to shift this one back to the Review category as it will be deleted since it is copy posted from other site. Please don't submit copy pasted reviews from other sites. We are looking for original reviews, could be a personal one or general review about the product regarding how you feel and what are its plus points and negative points. However it has to be genuine and original. Go through the other reviews or just the current review submitted by Safvan. Safvan has done a real good job in this review. I am sure you too can do the same thing so start posting and get avail of the current Current Partnership Program for IRC

    Also while posting a product make sure that you add more description about the product and then its key features and specifications. Do add custom attributes for products as they are mandatory.

    Go through the following forums for more details you will need to know before getting started:

    Posting Criteria for IRC

    How to make Product Submission

    Content posting guidelines

    If any query, you can post in forums.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    hi Sangeeta,

    Thank you for your feedback on my postings,I will make sure next time my postings would be as per IRC targets.I am looking forward to hear from you all kinds of feedback on my postings,as i would love to be an Active member of this Wonderful Site.

    Thanks again,


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    Hello Sunita,

    It is nice to see you getting excited like this, because we were also like that when we started posting here. So welcome to the channel.

    We will give you feedbacks and help you out. As I had sent you a private message I am not repeating them again here. Go through the sticky threads in the forums and try to understand them and act accordingly.

    Whatever you do, try to do them on your own and do not copy paste them from other sites except for the specifications for the products. Ok?

    Would like to see you posting more and more in our site and earn through Partnership Revenue Share program also.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hello safvan P,

    Hearty Welcome to IRC [as we call it]. You can choose IRC as your regular platform also and not only for your vacation time. I have read your first contribution and it is impressive to say. I have suggestion to you that wherever possible try to present contents with proper headings using HTML tags. That will look nice. For example, in your review itself, you can use - personal experience with XYZ [product name], What others say and Conclusion etc.

    The Webmaster and Editor are right here to guide you in case of any troubles. Hence, you can have a good and permanent stay here at IRC.

    My best wishes.

    Thanks & Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    satish sir,
    Thank you for valuable suggestion. Sequential arrangement of the review will make it more impressive. I will do my best.

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hi Sunitha,

    Now you are the right place. India Review Channel is a good site for earn to learn. I am working with this site. All members in the site are very much helping to post articles especially Latha mam,Rajmi mam,Sangeetha mam are helping very speedy. They are available online almost all day. So don't worry please post maximum articles and earn money. I wish you all the best.

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    Hi Safvan,

    This channel give a chance to earn money with our free time. All the people waiste time in front of a computer. In india review channel time is not waisting. You please review maximum products and earn maximum points. The webmasters are helping all times. I wish to all the best.

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    when i was posting product named GAlaxy fir of samsung ,page showed error for two times, only later i realised that it resulted in multiple posts,please delete those extra posts.
    the actual one is

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hello Safvan

    Don't worry about this. Once the page shows error do check in New Posts whether the post has got posted. The extra posts will get deleted don't worry about it.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    latha mam,
    How to avoid repetition while posting products. In the mobile section i found the list not updated along with the approval of a new product.I got 2 of the product approved with cash dreduts ,still it is not in the list.(galaxy fit and nokia x3)

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hello Safvan,

    Sometimes error comes while we are posting attributes. If you see the error page coming when you submit, check the attributes list in the editing page. You would have left some characters there or the trademark TM sign. After you remove those extra characters, the post will get submitted. This happens to me also.

    Don't worry about the extra posts, we will see to them. Continue your good work, you are doing fine. All the best to you

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Latha mam,
    can we write review about travel products submitted in irc?(I didn't found much reviews in this category)

    are there any problems with my latest submissions?, both products and reviews are not approved yet.

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Yes Safvan, you can write reviews about the places you visit, hotels and resorts etc. You are doing a wonderful job Safvan, keep it up

    Sorry. I was a little late in editing your reviews but then one of your products Yendo has already been posted. So I have not approved it, if you can put in another product there, do it and then resubmit.

    Just put Yendo in the search box and see, you will get the earlier posted article.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Its good to see you here. I took up your advice to do something creative this vacation. I just joined some minutes ago. Frankly speaking, im a bit lost here. What are Forums, Reviews, Resources ? I really hope you will respond to this and help me out here. I want to know what all topics i can post in here.
    With regards,

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    I am really proud that you took a wise decision to join the one of the prestigious online platform to make money. Okay the best thing you can do is to post a self introductory forum in our site. Forums are basically meant for discussion among members. So once you post about yourself and your doubts in irc. you will get valued replies from the senior members of India review channel. so go ahead and have a best time in IRC.
    Best wishes , your co-passenger and friend safvan.

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    thanks for your immediate reply. Following your suggestion i will post a self introduction in the forum discussions. Thanks for all your help. Take care

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    sangeetha mam,
    I tried two times to post dell vostro but page is showing error. so i went to new posts tried editing it to incorporate custom attributes but i could nt succeed. what to do now?

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hey Safvan

    I know this error still exist in IRC, and hopefully something will be done about it very sooner. Presently what you can do is just save the custom attributes in a notepad on your hard drive and try posting it later. Or you can first submit the product without submitting custom attributes and then post custom attributes once the product gets submitted successfully.

    Always remember once you get an error message, do check if the post is still been submitted in the New Post category. This avoids the product been submitted twice. Try to post the main specifications in the features category of the product for now instance. Hopefully this will help readers to get to know about the main specifications for the product you submitted.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    i will take care to avoid multiple posts hereafter.
    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hello everyone,

    I am also new to this site So do let me know your suggestions .


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    Welcome to all new members of IRC. Kindly go through the New Member FAQ before you start contributing in IRC. But still if you have doubts, please feel free to send us a message, either in the forum or through our profile. We will definitely be glad to help you out.

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    Welcome Safvan,

    I am really glad to see you as you have achieved gold tag in few days. I wish you will guide me to be gold very soon. Wish you happy learning and earning ahead.


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    Hello safvan,

    Acti Life
    Amritha Grinder
    Anita Sarees
    Aqua Guard
    Asian Paints
    Banking Ombudsman
    Best Baby, Best Shop
    Big Bazaar
    BOSS - Bharat Operating System Solutions
    Calvin Klein
    Catac Chimney
    CERA BathStudio
    Chellamani & Co.
    Chevrolet CAPTIVA
    DELL VOSTRO 1014 & 1015
    DELL XPS 14
    DELL XPS 15
    Elica Chimney
    Epson Printers
    Expresso Café
    Faber Chimney
    Faber Chimney - FH 40
    Faber Chimney - Glassy 60
    Faber Chimney - Mars 60
    Faber Chimney - Solaris 60
    Faber Chimney - Solaris 60 Plus
    Faber Chimney - Tender 60
    Fast Track Call Taxi
    FunBlast 4D Entertainment
    Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
    GoodSun Solar Water Heater
    GRT Jewellers
    Gulf Super Diesel X10
    Hamleys Toy Store - A Reliance Retail Venture.
    Hero Honda
    HP DreamScreen
    Indian Terrain Garments
    Insurance Ombudsman
    Jaipur Gems
    Kapf Chimney
    Khazana Jewellery
    Kishkinta Amusement park
    L.G. Home Appliances
    La Belle
    Lalitha Jewellery Mart
    LIC Endowment Plus
    Link Locks
    Logines Watch
    Logitech illuminated Keyboard K 800
    Louis Philippe
    Mahindra Powerol Invertors
    Mahindra Xylo D2
    Marks & Spencer
    MGM Dizee World
    Modern Computers
    Motorola Charm
    Motorola Quench XT5
    MRF NyloGrip Zapper
    Nalas Aappakadai
    Natural Fresh
    Nokia C3
    Nokia Touch Type Mobiles
    Nokia X2-01
    Parker Pen
    Pavers England
    Peter England
    Platinum Jewellery
    Porotherm Clay Bricks
    Prince Jewellery
    Q & Q Watches
    Rathna Fan House
    Reid & Taylor
    Reliance Digital
    Reliance FootPrint
    Reliance Fresh
    Reliance Super
    S.K. Electricals
    Samsung Smart T.V.
    Sangeetha Mobiles
    Sarangi Garments
    Sebamed Anti aging Shower Oil
    Sero Shirts
    Shoppers Stop
    Shree Mithai
    Sony Alpha NEX 3K
    Sony Alpha NEX 5K
    Sony Xperia
    Sri Krishna Sweets
    Style Spa
    Sundaram Finance
    TAGHEUER Watches
    Tata Aria
    Tata Docomo
    Tata Manza
    Tata Motors
    Tata Nano
    Thomas Cook
    Titan Eye+
    Tommy Hilfiger
    Vasanth & Co.
    Veega Land, Cochin
    Vicco Narayani
    Videocon Mobiles
    Videocon T.V.

    write on these topic then you can earn more

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